Audition Clinics for the 2018 Season hAVE ENDED. AudiTions will resume Fall 2018.

How to Audition for Equinox: 



What should I bring? 

  • Comfortable/athletic clothes/shoes you can move in (Batterie AND front members will have a visual component to the audition)
  • The $65 audition fee if not paid in advance
  • Marching cymbals, snares, quads, stands, carries (if possible) if you plan on auditioning for those sections. If you do not have access to a drum, cymbals, etc., we will provide them, but the more people who bring their own gear, the easier it will be for everyone
  • Sticks & a pad if auditioning for a batterie instrument, front ensemble (optional) mallets for your solo audition if you would like them
  • Food for lunch or money to buy lunch

What to Expect:

Even if you do not plan on marching with Equinox, you are welcome to come out and learn from our world class staff! All four camps will be clinic-style and are great for ANY ability level. The majority of the audition will be run like a large group rehearsal, but there will be a solo audition for each member for some quality individual feedback. 

We know auditions can be stressful, so relax, come prepared with your packet memorized, and be ready to learn!