Want to be a cast member of Equinox Percussion? Sign up today! 

Audition/Educational Clinic Dates:

Audition/Clinic #1: Sunday, October 7, 2018

Audition/Clinic #2: Sunday, October 21, 2018

Callback Audition (Invite Only): Sunday, November 18, 2018

Check-in will begin at 8:00am EST each audition morning**

We HIGHLY encourage auditionees to attend both open audition clinics to ensure the best chance possible of making the cast, but it is not required. 


West Jackson Middle School**

Jefferson, GA


How Do I Audition?

1) Fill out the audition form here

2) Pay your ONE TIME audition fee of $60 online or $65 at the door, cash or card. Remember that you cannot participate without payment of this fee in advance. You can pay online by clicking here and adding the fee to your cart. This fee will cover ALL your camps.

3) Download your respective section(s) FREE audition packet here

4) Practice! Come to camp ready to play all exercises in the packet from memory. We will break down most of the exercises at the camp, but the expectation is that everyone has it memorized at a slow tempo at least.

5) Exercise regularly! There will be a fitness and visual component to the audition process for ALL sections. You are encouraged practice playing on the move.

6) Be confident! One of the most important things we look for in prospective members is confidence in playing, marching, and performing.

7) Come to audition with energy and a great attitude. Equinox is full of different great personalities that make this group special!


What should I bring? 

  • Comfortable/athletic clothes/shoes you can move in (Batterie AND front members will have a visual component to the audition)

  • The $65 audition fee if not paid in advance

  • Marching cymbals, snares, quads, stands, carriers (if possible) if you plan on auditioning for those sections. If you do not have access to a drum, cymbals, etc., we will provide them, but the more people who bring their own gear, the easier it will be for everyone

  • Sticks & a pad if auditioning for a batterie instrument, front ensemble (optional) mallets for your solo audition if you would like them

  • Food for lunch or money to buy lunch

What to Expect:

Even if you do not plan on marching with Equinox, you are welcome to come out and learn from our world class staff! All four camps will be clinic-style and are great for ANY ability level. The majority of the audition will be run like a large group rehearsal, but there will be a solo audition for each member for some quality individual feedback. 

There may be video component to the audition between camps, details will be given out at each subsequent camp. 

We know auditions can be stressful, so relax, come prepared with your packet memorized, and be ready to learn!



8:00am - Check-In/Registration

8:45am - Full Audition Group Meeting

9:00am - Audition Block #1

1:00pm - Lunch on your own

2:00pm - Audition Block #2

6:00pm - Show and Tell (Friends and family are welcome to attend!)

6:30pm - Pack/ Load Truck/ Clean School

7:30pm - Dismiss