The Harvest

This year's Equinox production, The Harvest, features a fantasized alternate reality with provocative implications related to life and death. In our fictitious world, there exists a terrible group of hooded immortal men and women. These individuals have unlocked the secret to immortality by harvesting the life force of the remaining mortals in the world. Our story does not have a happy ending and is designed to be a piece of evocative and thought-provoking art. 

Our members are actors, dancers and musicians who are top-level performers that understand the creative nature of our story. This artistic presentation is not intended to reflect the values or opinions of the individual members or staff of Equinox Percussion.

We do understand the intense subject matter may not be suitable for all audiences and viewer discretion is advised.

Thank you,

 Jake Lyons Executive Director, Equinox Percussion

Jake Lyons
Executive Director, Equinox Percussion